Learn More about the Explosive and Untapped Latino Market


Watch and Listen to this video as we describe the explosive Latino Market and a unique franchise opportunity. Contact me at gary@frangrow.com

Are you ready to have a business of your own? A business that is probably as close to recession-proof that a business can be? A business that is part of an industry that is GROWING and EXPANDING year after year? Well, tax preparation is that business, and Los Taxes is a premier player within that business!


Become part of the nation’s First and Only Latino Network of Tax Centers in America

Los Taxes can offer you the following opportunity for Success:

  • Servicing the fastest growing population base in the country….the Latino population
  • An established and recognized brand in the industry
  • Hands on initial training and on-going training
  • Utilize state-of-the-art tax preparation software to service your clients
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Receive up-to-date advancements, adjustments and compliance guidelines within the industry
  • Have at your disposal a team of experienced staff to assist you in establishing and reaching your business goals

Experience the satisfaction of being part of a “Family of Businesses” that share the common goal of excellence in service to the client.

“Los Taxes helped me to take my home business with over 1,200 clients to a professional office and continue serving more clients.”

Santa Los Taxes Franchisee in Queens, NY

We partner with you to service the needs of a community that is ready to be serviced with integrity and honesty in relation to tax preparation.


 Why Los Taxes

 Los Taxes is known as the fastest growing Network of Tax Centers with over 50 tax centers in only five years.

Firm Foundation

Javier Solis, Los Taxes’ Founder & CEO has been a tax practitioner since 1990.  In 2000, Javier opened his first Brooklyn office where he started with no clients or support. During those years, Javier developed an effective and aggressive marketing strategy, as well as an administrative structure that helped him bring his practice over 5,000 clients in 8 years and to the national level it is now.  These Marketing and Administrative strategies combined with a state-of-the-art web management system are the key features available to all Los Taxes Tax Center Owners.  Javier strongly believes that education and expert guidance are the keys to a productive and profitable tax preparation business.

Constant Support

One of the benefits of being a Los Taxes Tax Center Owner is the understanding that “you are not alone” in your business. From the initiation of your Tax Center business a team of professionals are standing by to offer support as needed in all areas of tax preparation:

  • Tax business operations
  • Compliance guideline adjustments
  • Industry updates, community integration processes
  • Brand exposure techniques
  • Initial training and ongoing training
  • This support extends beyond the Tax Center Owner and encompasses the tax preparation staff and/or administrative staff working for the Tax Center Owner.

Year-Round Training

Los Taxes Business Support Team stands ready to supply support and assistance to its Tax Center Owners both in tax season, and throughout the year.

  • State-of-the-art tax preparation software
  • Regularly scheduled webinars
  • Training sessions
  • Tax schools
  • Assistance with IRS registration and certification
  • Boot camps and workshops


 Opportunity for Success

 Our Success is Driven by Your Success, and we are equipped and ready to assist in Your Success.

Why the Tax Industry

As tax guidelines are continually being adjusted the need for the use of a Tax Professional increases. Quite simply, the Tax Industry is positioned for continued growth in years to come.

  • More than 240,000,000 individual tax returns are filed each year
  • 56% of individual tax returns filed are filed by paid preparers
  • 90% of individual tax returns filed are e-filed
  • Any tax preparation business that intends to file eleven (11) tax returns or more in a calendar year must use the IRS E-File System to do so
  • More than 120,000,000 individual tax returns filed in a year receive tax refunds
  • The average individual tax refund received was $2,872.00
  • 27,900,000 individual returns received Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Individual Tax Return Filing is increasing by at least 1% per year


The Latino Market

Service the fastest growing population base in the country….the Latino population.

In addition to the above statistics, there are also over 12 million undocumented Hispanics who will request the ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Number) and file income tax returns as a sign of good faith in furtherance of any future amnesty possibilities. These individuals comprise an untapped segment of the market thereby resulting in a tremendously profitable opportunity for a business catering to the Latino Community.


No one can guarantee success but when a franchise company supplies you with the tools and knowledge, all you need to do is follow the system.

Franchises provide a stable foundation and guidance:

  • Franchises are a proven business model.
  • They have established brand identity, effective marketing, and consumer research.
  • You will have access to business reports and key performance indicators.
  • As part of a franchise, you will have the experience and knowledge of the franchisor backing you up.

As a Los Taxes Tax Center Owner you are part of a “family” of Tax Professionals who together serve the community with honesty and integrity, utilizing tools to operate their businesses within the ever-changing guidelines of the industry.


To learn more about this explosive market and untapped franchise potential, Contact me at gary@frangrow.com