Franchise Ad Funds and Cooperatives



Franchise Ad Funds and Cooperatives                                                            By Barry Knepper

Since marketing fund contributions are not the franchiser's assets, many franchisers, although not required to do so, will actually segregate those contributions from the franchiser's assets by having them collected by a separate entity that then is responsible for managing the marketing fund. This structure helps take these funds, which aren’t the franchiser's asset, out of the reach of the franchiser's creditors. They also tend to provide some degree of simplification of the franchiser's financial statements – if the funds are collected by the franchiser, the balance sheet will typically reflect corresponding entries on the asset and liabilities sides to show the amount of the funds held by the franchiser.

The marketing fund entity can take a variety of legal forms, with some franchisers even opting for the creation of a trust, the trustee of which is typically the franchiser's affiliate. This allows the franchiser to control the marketing fund while avoiding unintended tax consequences that might flow from other legal forms.

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