Daniel Claps

Co-Founder at Career Transition Specialists

Gary is a staple in the franchise community. I originally met Gary at a FBN event and was immediately impressed by his immense knowledge of the franchise industry and business overall. Having the experience of being a franchisee with Dunkin Brands, an executive for TRUFOODS and a Independent Consultant for over 30 years, Gary is the man to talk to if you want to grow your franchise system. I have been on his radio show in the past and highly recommend listening if you are a franchisee or franchisor. Thank you Gary for all your hard work in this industry and for constantly teaching me! "

Miguel Dominguez

Social Media, Marketing Entreprenuer

"To say Gary is the go-to person in the world of franchising is doing a disservice to the type of person he is.  Gary, is one of the most knowledgeable, honest, passionate, respected and onward thinkers I've had the pleasure of working with.  I've worked with Gary for almost five years now and there isn't a day that goes by when we speak that I don't learn from him and the value he offers.  One of the rarest things Gary possesses in the franchise industry is he ability to look at a concept, ask the right questions and be able to offer input to help the brand move forward.  He understands the nuts and bolts of a business and is able to guide franchisors and franchisees to a position where they can execute and experience growth."

Young Chung

Founder of Estate Sales Directory

"First, Gary is great guy. I have known him for many years and he is a proven franchise professional that has the skill set to successfully grow and manage a multiple brand franchise organization. 

We have worked with each other in the past and I have always enjoyed it. I have found Gary to be honest and always willing to share information to help. What I have always appreciated about Gary is that even though he is a part of senior management, he is open to share his time, information, and has always gotten back to me. 

It’s the little things that separate the best from the average and Gary is definitely one of the best."

David A. Rager

MonkeyFist Marketing

"Gary is truly a trail blazer and the "Go To Guy" in the world of Franchise and Business Development in the Restaurant Industry. His wealth of knowledge and expertise is only surpassed by his generosity in sharing his experiences with others regardless if it benefits him personally or not. 

Gary is spot on in every facet of development from beginning to continuation for there is no "end" for him when it comes to running a successful enterprise. Gary does not rest on his laurels, he is constantly pushing the envelope where others keep it sealed."

Bruce Holzman

Helps Franchise Buyers Make Educated Decisions

"Gary has the unusual talent of being able to formulate the big picture, then understand how that translates and affects the nuts and bolts. Many executives understand one or the other, but Gary is the total package. He brings value to all projects he is working on."

Jon Waxman                                      

Jon Waxman,VP Operations at Lee's Hoagie House

"We hired Gary (Franchise Growth Solutions) to be our franchise developer and we receive a lot more than that.  He has brought his obvious experience and expertise to help our franchise in many ways.  He has helped in everything including sales, marketing, training, build outs and developing.  Gary has shown that his experiences have given him a wealth of knowledge that has guided our franchise and helped us tremendously.  He had spent a lot of time with us and has always been available to us when ever we reach out to him.  He has the right personality to deal with all types of people and situations.  We value his services immensely."  

Harold Kestenbaum

President at HLK P.C. Law Firm | Franchise Lawyer

"I have known Gary for over 20 years and he stands head and shoulders above any franchise executive that I have ever done business with. Not only is he intelligent, but he brings a great deal of integrity to the franchise community, his insights into the franchise and food service business are not only incredible but invaluable. I would recommend him to any food service franchisor in a heartbeat!"


Regional Vice President United Franchise Group

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gary for the past 12 years. I have worked with him both as a franchise development client  as well as working under him in a multi- brand  national franchising company.  In addtion to the times that I have worked with Gary, he has always been there for me with guidance and career support and advice.  His comprehensive knowledge of the franchising industry is complimented by his mastery of managing relationships and inspiring those around him to succeed. I encourage anyone in the franchising world to take advantage of any opportunity to work with Gary.

Fred Berni

CEO | Dynamic Performance Systems | The Performance Predictors

"At his previous company, Gary proved to me that he is a real expert in franchising. He's always had a strong grasp of what it takes to be successful as a franchisor and as a franchisee. For confirmation you need only look at his blogs and websites to help franchisors and franchisees."

Rich Delgiorno

Show Director at MFV Expositions

"Gary has been a client of mine for years. He always presented himself professionally and well organized. He also has a personality that is very welcoming to prospective buyers. I look forward to our business relationship continuing."

Larry Vivola

Owner at InLine Business Advisors. Business Coach. 

"One word to describe Gary is passionate. If I wanted to use a few other words they would be knowledgeable, and trust-worthy. Gary simply knows his stuff. He's a strategic thinker that can solve any problem. That's a pretty good combination to have in business and in life."